Braamspunt :

The Land of the Lost

My Feet on the Ground

Sand between my toes...

Separated from all that is and all that was

But Connected with all that ever will be...

Awakened by the Ocean Breeze

She whispers to me a sweet sound

which gives me A calm feeling of peace...

Here I am

Taken to a Mysterious Land...

Dogs everywhere

Giving me a hungry and hopeless stare

Reflected in their Eyes

There...I am

A Lost Soul

searching for a place to call home


Feet on the Ground

Ouch !

A Shell Between my Toes !

Captivated by its beauty

curious to know if the legends are true

I put it against my ears

My eyes are closed...

There she is !

The ocean breeze...she whispers to me:


Are Home !

Land of the Lost

The moment you step on the beach of Braamspunt, with your feet in the soft sand, you can feel the force of life moving through you. It’s like you are reading a book of uncounted pages, one by one…it’s opening layer by layer. When you're really paying attention, you can lose yourself completely in the story Braamspunt has to tell. How can you miss the chirping of the birds on the shore, the sound of the water moving back and forth, the beautiful shells on the beach, and the branches shaped in a stunning way. Returning tourists won’t forget to bring food for the dogs living there—how can you forget their appreciative licks filled with love and kindness? Like most things on this beach, we've all been lost or felt lost before. This feeling gives us the inspiration to learn, grow, and discover a whole new world. We may have more in common with Braamspunt than we think!

But like all things, there is a beautiful and dark side to this story. When you walk towards the north side of the beach you can see the place where the sand mining takes place. As the dredger launches its claws into the sand…that pain will make a hole in your heart! Braamspunt is a place filled with magic if only you open your eyes to all the little things that make it so special. If we as humans keep destroying it, all the things that make it so special will fade away.

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